Phase 3d: Stakeholder Meetings

To assist in the development of recommendations for the future care of children in Jersey, the Inquiry invited submissions (maximum 3000 words) from organisations with expertise in the care of children and young people and from departments tasked with providing services that contribute to the welfare of children and young people in Jersey.

Organisations were invited to address one or more of the following areas:

·         Current and anticipated future trends in their areas of work / expertise that should influence policy and practice in Jersey

·         Challenges which will face services for children in Jersey in the coming decade

·         Aspirations for services for children in Jersey and how they can be met

Submissions closed on 29 January 2016. Relevant submissions are available here.

The Panel invited representatives of some of the organisations making submissions and some members of the public to address the Inquiry on their observations and recommendations in public sessions during 1-4 March 2016 and 18th March 2016.

Each Phase 3d session lasted approximately one hour during which organisations were invited to make brief introductory remarks and then discuss their submission with the Panel. 

Submissions to be discussed in public session were provided to Interested Parties seven days in advance.  

Phase 3d sessions were recorded. Transcripts are available here


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