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2014 Expenditure

2016 Expenditure


  1. The Inquiry is funded from the public purse in Jersey and is mindful of the need to apply principles of fiscal prudence and efficient stewardship in the management of the funds it has been allocated.

  2. The Inquiry will apply principles of best value when sourcing and managing the services and resources necessary for it to achieve its goals.

  3. The Inquiry will devise and implement cost control measures to ensure that all proposed spending is duly authorised, scrutinised and represents value for money.

  4. The Inquiry will set budgets for all aspects of its functioning and monitor and manage its activities within them.

  5. At agreed intervals, the Inquiry will account to the States Greffe for its spending, working within the parameters set.

  6. The Inquiry will comply with all legal and accounting requirements in its financial operations.


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