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​Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is investigating the abuse of children in Jersey's care system over many years.

The Inquiry Chair, Frances Oldham QC, has promised a "robust and fearless" examination of what went wrong and to find answers for people who suffered abuse as chidren. Three phases of hearings were held in public in St Helier between July 2014 and March 2016.


The Panel has sought to gain an understanding of the past so that it can make recommendations to ensure Jersey's care services are fit for the purpose of caring for vulnerable children and young people.

The next phase of the Inquiry will be hearing submissions from counsel and from Interested Parties based on evidence heard so far. This will take place in the week of 16th May 2016.

The venue for Inquiry Submissions will be St Paul's Centre, Dumaresq Street, Jersey

Transcripts and supporting documents from the public hearings are available here.

The Inquiry office at Seaton Place is now closed.

The Inquiry offices have been decommissioned and equipment and furnishings have been recycled to States departments, charities and community organisations in Jersey.

The Inquiry contact details are:
Freephone from Jersey/UK: 0800 735 0100

Latest Updates

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The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry will sit again to hear final submissions during the week of May 16th.

​The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry will sit again to hear final submissions during the week of May 16th. ​The Seaton Place offices are now permanently closed. The hearings in May will take place at St Paul's Centre in St Helier.

Phase 2 ends with the IJCI having heard evidence from more than 600 witnesses

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry has received more than two million pages and heard evidence from more than 600 witnesses since starting in April 2014.

Speaking at the end of Phase 2 on Wednesday (17 February), Panel Chair, Frances Oldham QC, thanked all those who had contributed to their work.

“When the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry commenced we promised that we would listen to anyone who had a contribution to make. We have kept that promise over the 138 hearing days that the Panel has received evidence at Seaton Place,” she stated.

“More than 200 witnesses have given evidence directly to the Inquiry and the evidence of more than 450 residents and those who worked in care services has been read into the record. The Inquiry received more than two million pages – 66,000 of which have been used to facilitate our work.”

Ms Oldham explained that the work of Phase 3 is continuing.

“The Panel has already had 62 meetings and visits with agencies and people concerned with services for children. We have received submissions from more than 40 individuals and organisations on how services for children in Jersey should develop.

“During 1st-4th March and on 18th March, round-table discussions will be held in public with some of these contributors, with politicians and experts on the future of child care services in Jersey.”

She reminded Interested parties that they were advised in December that the following timetable will apply in respect of written submissions to the Inquiry. She said submissions should be focussed (bullet points acceptable) and address the Terms of Reference.

Friday 11th March: Estimate provided of length of written submissions (number of pages)
Friday 18th March: Submissions provided to the Inquiry in electronic form to
Tuesday 22nd March: Submissions released to all other Interested Parties via Magnum (the Inquiry’s document management system)
Friday 8th April: Brief written responses to the submissions of other Interested Parties
Tuesday 3th May: Interested Parties receive Counsel to the Inquiry’s written review
Monday 16th May: Oral submissions begin at St Paul’s Centre. 1300

Ms Oldham’s directions to Interested Parties on the format for written submissions and the timetable for oral submissions will be emailed to all parties this week.

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Chair: Frances Oldham QC
Frances Oldham QC
Alyson Leslie
Alyson Leslie
Sandy Cameron CBE
Prof. Sandy Cameron CBE

Witness Support

The Inquiry has arranged independent support from Victim Support Northern Ireland for witnesses who have assisted the Inquiry. This support will remain available throughout 2016.

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