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Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is investigating the abuse of children in Jersey's care system over many years.

The Panel hearing the evidence wants to build up as full a picture as possible so that it can then make recommendations, ensuring that the Island's care system is fit for its purpose of caring for vulnerable children and young people.


The Inquiry Chair, Frances Oldham QC, has promised a "robust and fearless" examination of what went wrong and to find answers for people who suffered abuse as children.

The hearings are being held in public at 11 -15 Seaton Place in St Helier.

Where agreed in advance, some witnesses will be giving their evidence in private. Arrangements are in place to guarantee their confidentiality.

Transcripts of the hearings will be placed on the website.

Meanwhile, anyone with information about the care system on Jersey, or direct experience of it, is invited to get in touch with the Inquiry.

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IJCI rules on naming of alleged deceased abusers and redactions.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry has ruled that alleged abusers who have died can be named and this will be applied retrospectively.

It also ruled that information and names of individuals that are in the Public Domain will not be redacted.

“In the Public Domain” is information realistically accessible to the general public that has been published in regulated media – newspapers (printed or online)/radio and TV broadcast.

The Ruling was read by IJCI Chair, Frances Oldham QC. The transcript can be viewed and downloaded here.

Counsel to the Inquiry, Harriet Jerram and Patrick Sadd, continued reading into the record documents and witness statements in relation to Blanche Pierre.

The IJCI has now adjourned for the day and public hearings will resume on 20th November. In the meantime, it will be business as usual for the Inquiry Team who will be preparing evidence. Anyone with good or bad experience of Jersey’s care system is invited to get in touch. 

IJCI hears more evidence about life as a resident of Blanche Pierre family group home.

​The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry has adjourned for the day.

This morning, Counsel to the Inquiry, Patrick Sadd, read into the record statements from a witness to the Police about abuse suffered at the hands of Jane and Alan Maguire at Blanche Pierre.

This afternoon, Counsel to the Inquiry, Harriet Jerram, took witness, John Le Boutillier, through his witness statement. He described his experiences in residential care homes, Haut de la Garenne, Norcott Villa and Blanche Pierre. He also spoke about his experiences providing evidence to the police as part of criminal investigations into Jane and Alan Maguire at Blanche Pierre. 

On Friday (24 October) the Panel will announce their ruling on submissions re the naming of alleged abusers known to be dead. This will be followed by further reading into the record of witness statements regarding Blanche Pierre.

Members of the public are welcome to attend from 0900.

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Chair: Frances Oldham QC
Frances Oldham QC
Alyson Leslie
Alyson Leslie
Sandy Cameron CBE
Prof. Sandy Cameron CBE

Witnesses Appeal

The Inquiry would like to hear from anyone with information about care homes or foster care in Jersey. This includes senior managers, support staff such as cooks and cleaners, police officers, teachers -
indeed anyone coming into contact with children in the care system. People who
were in care at anytime since the war are also asked to come forward and tell
their story.  A free and confidential support scheme is available on and off Jersey.

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