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Mike Haden who is based in the States Greffe liaises with the Inquiry on behalf of the States in order to assist the Inquiry in logistical matters and in their management of costs and procurement.  Mike has been a resident of Jersey for 40 years and serves as a member of the honorary police.

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IJCI Final Report to be published Monday 3 July, 2017

​The Panel of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Friday (28 April) made the following announcement:

"The Inquiry Report will be published on Monday 3 July, subject to any other unforeseen circumstances.

"Arrangements for the launch of the report will be published in due course."

IJCI Panel reaffirms evidence received will not be destroyed.

​The Panel of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Tuesday (26 April) issued the following statement:

"The Inquiry wishes to reaffirm that the evidence it has received will not be destroyed. Arrangements for securing and preserving Inquiry data are under active consideration."

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