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​​​​​​​Counsel to the Inquiry

The Inquiry appointed as co-counsel, three members of the English bar, who have considerable experience of areas of law relevant to its work:


Patrick Sadd of Outer Temple Chambers has acted for adult victims abused in Irish Industrial schools, as well as representing men and women and young adults abused in a wide spectrum of environments: care homes, schools, youth clubs, religious institutions, foster homes and sports clubs. He has been a commentator on the trauma of abuse in relation to the Savile abuse inquiry.


Harriet Jerram of Outer Temple Chambers has extensive experience of public inquiry work. In the Shipman Inquiry, she was part of the team representing the families of Harold Shipman's victims. She appeared in the Richard Neale Inquiry for all of the patients treated by him. She has represented clients at inquiries and inquests and has expertise in human rights issues.

Cathryn McGahey - Counsel

​Cathryn McGahey QC of Temple Garden Chambers undertakes a wide range of public law work, specialising in immigration, national security and prison law. She was junior counsel to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and represented participants in the Al Sweady Inquiry.


Paul Livingston and Stephen Doherty of Outer Temple Chambers act as Junior Counsel to the Inquiry.​


Solicitors to the Inquiry


Eversheds LLP provide solicitor services to the Inquiry.  One of the world’s largest law firms, with extensive Inquiries experience, Eversheds does not have an office in Jersey. 

Angharad Shurmer of Eversheds is Solicitor to the Inquiry. Tina Wing assisted the Panel in Phase 3 work.



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IJCI-accredited media to be given a copy of the Executive Summary of the final report in “lock-in” conditions two hours before publication of final report on Monday 3 July.

Having considered various representations, the IJCI Panel on Friday (23 June) announced the following:

Members of the media who have received Inquiry media accreditation will be given a copy of the Executive Summary of the final report in “lock-in” conditions at 1300 on Monday 3 July, 2017 at St Paul’s Centre in St Helier.

This is ahead of formal publication of the full report on-line at 1500, and report summary read by Panel Chair, Frances Oldham QC, also at 1500 at the Centre.

NB: The media will not be allowed to leave the room, speak with anybody or release any information within the Executive Summary during this two-hour window. Any electronic devices must be handed to the Inquiry team before entry.

Any member of the media who has not yet been media-accredited* by the Inquiry and wishes to attend, should send their name, details of their media organisation, contact details and a passport sized photo to the Media Team by 1500 on Tuesday 27 June, 2017.

The Panel will consider their applications and inform individuals of their decision by 1700, Thursday 29 June, 2017

Only those who have been granted Inquiry media accreditation will be granted access to the Executive Summary. Those who wish to be included in the ‘lock-in’, should let the Media team know by 1700, Friday 30 June, 2017.

Arrangements for accessing pool video and photos by accredited news organisations of the reading of the report summary will be advised in due course.

To contact the Media Team:

* Inquiry Protocol: Media and Conduct in the Inquiry’s Hearing Room

Public launch of the IJCI Final Report will take place at 1500, July 3 2017, at St Paul's Centre, St Helier. 

​The IJCI Panel on Monday (5 June) issued further details about the publication of its report on July 3 2017. The public launch will take place at St Paul’s Centre, Dumaresq St, St Helier.

Interested Parties will be given access to the final report two hours before its publication. This is in line with paragraph 19.6 of the Inquiry Protocols: General Procedures.

Interested Parties and their legal representatives are invited to attend St Paul’s Centre at 1300 to consider the report. They will not be allowed to speak to anyone else, including the media, at this time.

At 1500, St Paul’s will be open to the public and the media. There will be a statement from IJCI Chair, Frances Oldham QC. The Panel will not be taking any questions or giving interviews. A pool arrangement will be in place to provide video footage and photographs of the report’s launch and will be made available as soon as possible after the event.

The report will be published on the Inquiry website at 1500 on July 3, 2017.

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