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2 December 2014

​Hearings have ended today with more accounts of physical, mental and sexual abuse by staff at Haut de la Garenne. Counsel Harriet Jerram read out a statement from Witness 341 in which he described the rape and sexual assault of a number of children in care.

He told how boys in the home regularly assaulted girls because they didn't know any better. "We learned this behaviour from the staff and didn't know it was wrong," he said.

He also said some girls were made pregnant and how he saw staff "getting rid of babies" on four or five occasions.

Further evidence came from Witness 120 who said she was raped by the deputy manager of the home, Alan Gilbert. The witness, now in her fifties, said she'd been put on the contraceptive pill and drugged, missing out on an education.

The Inquiry heard that her life had been ruined by her experiences and she thinks the States of Jersey failed to protect her.

Hearings begin again tomorrow at 10am.

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