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24 October 2014

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry has ruled that alleged abusers who have died can be named and this will be applied retrospectively.

It also ruled that information and names of individuals that are in the Public Domain will not be redacted.

“In the Public Domain” is information realistically accessible to the general public that has been published in regulated media – newspapers (printed or online)/radio and TV broadcast.

The Ruling was read by IJCI Chair, Frances Oldham QC. The transcript can be viewed and downloaded here.

Counsel to the Inquiry, Harriet Jerram and Patrick Sadd, continued reading into the record documents and witness statements in relation to Blanche Pierre.

The IJCI has now adjourned for the day and public hearings will resume on 20th November. In the meantime, it will be business as usual for the Inquiry Team who will be preparing evidence. Anyone with good or bad experience of Jersey’s care system is invited to get in touch. 

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