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3 October 2014

​The Inquiry has heard from the first witness to give evidence about abuse at Clos des Sables home. 'Miss D' gave her account anonymously and spoke about the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of Leslie Hughes, later convicted for a series of sex offences. She said at least one member of staff at the home had known that Hughes was spending time with her, taking her to his boat and on other trips. 

'Miss D' was taken through her evidence by Inquiry Counsel Harriet Jerram. She said in closing that: "I don't want other children in care going through what I did. What I went through wasn't isolated. It has to be prevented from happening again."

Thanking her for giving evidence, the Inquiry Chair, Frances Oldham, noted Miss D's concern about the future of child protection in Jersey. 

The Inquiry will hear more evidence about Clos des Sables next week.

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