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24 September 2014

The Chair of the Independent Jersey Chair Inquiry, Frances Oldham, says resolving the technical challenges to enable the public to download large quantities of documents efficiently is a priority.

Her comments came at the start of Day 16 (Wednesday 24 September) of the public hearings, before expert witness, Mr Richard Whitehead, from the States of Jersey Law officers' Department concluded giving evidence about the history of child law in Jersey.

Mrs Oldham stated: "Mr Whitehead's evidence has ranged over many decades and of necessity has referenced a very large number of supporting documents, some of them substantial in size.  Interested parties already have access to all this material. In accordance with our protocols these and all other documents produced in public sessions of the Inquiry will be made available on our website in due course.

"The volume of documentation already referenced and the enormous amount of material anticipated over coming weeks have created technical challenges for our suppliers. Solutions are being developed that will enable the public to download large quantities of documents efficiently, and allow us to provide this facility as the amount of material we consider grows significantly, over the duration of the Inquiry. 

"This issue is being worked on as a priority by the companies involved and when the system has been tested and is operational, we will make available online all the documents produced in all the public sessions of the Inquiry."

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