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16 September 2014

The Chief Minister Ian Gorst has clarified the role of two senior States officers who are collecting documents for the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Answering a question from Deputy Hilton in the Assembly last week, Senator Gorst said both Richard Joualt and Tony Le Seuer, from the Children's Service "were moved to continue doing their work to facilitate the information flow to the inquiry."

Underlining the independence of the Inquiry, Senator Gorst added that "they are not connected in any way with the inquiry.  They are not working for the inquiry.  They are not instructed by the inquiry."

The Chief Minister said the officers' role had been reported "in an unfortunate way."

He went on: "…it is important that that work is done so the inquiry receives all the information that it needs.  There are hundreds... there are thousands of boxes of information that need to be reviewed and passed to the inquiry.  The inquiry decides whether those papers are then made public or how they are redacted, not anybody employed by the States."

The full exchange can be found near the bottom of the page on the States website.

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