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5 September 2014

The IJCI has adjourned for the week after hearing evidence today from Violet Lockhart about her experiences in foster care in Jersey. 

The transcript of the day's proceedings will be published as soon as it's available. 

New witnesses are coming forward all the time, and it is anticipated the hearings will last for many months. The Inquiry team has much work to do and is making many demands on those who are providing documents and information. How those demands are met by State bodies, and by whom, is not a matter for the Inquiry. The Inquiry team does not contain any civil servants from the States, or any other Jersey institution.

The Inquiry's legal team have also issued the following statement following recent reports regarding a ruling about Media Accreditation:

"No-one is banned from the Inquiry or from reporting it. The evidence can be followed from the hearing room. Accreditation to the small media room has been based on the need of some to work to tight deadlines and who need electronic facilities to file reports. The ruling was an administrative matter based on practicalities.

"The Inquiry takes the protection of witnesses extremely seriously. There is no connection between the ruling on media accreditation and the recent reminder to the public of the ban on live Tweeting. This ban was announced at the Preliminary Hearing in April and is in place to prevent the naming of people whose identities would otherwise be redacted. Additionally, the inquiry does not wish witnesses to be filmed or photographed in the vicinity of the hearing chamber. It is not fair on them. These decisions are all focused on witness protection."


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