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14 August 2014

It will be business as usual at the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry offices in St Helier during a two-week break from public hearings.

Peter Watkin Jones from the Inquiry’s Legal Team, said: “There won’t be any public hearings over the next fortnight, but the Seaton Place offices will be open and the Inquiry team will be preparing for the next witnesses in September.
“At this stage we are in contact with a large number of potential witnesses who are helping us to build up as full a picture as possible of Jersey’s care system from 1945 onwards.  We appreciate the trouble people are taking to tell us their stories and we remain keen to hear from people with experience of it to come forward.
“This is the only way that we’re going to be able to provide a full account of what happened in Jersey, identify where things went wrong and make recommendations about what needs to happen to ensure future generations of children in care are protected in the way they deserve.
“We are interested to hear from those who had experience of residential or foster care whether this was negative or positive. We’d particularly be interested to hear from those who worked in residential and family group homes – in either senior or support roles, such as cooks, cleaners, secretarial or maintenance workers.  We know from experience that people in jobs like this are often confided in by young people or are in a position to see what is happening. This also extends to professionals who come into contact with children in care - like teachers and doctors. We also want to hear from those who provided the care, or were responsible for arranging it.
“If you think you have any information which will help us understand what has gone on over many decades and help ensure it can never happen again, then do please get in touch…details are on our website.”


The Panel, lead by Frances Oldham, adjourned on Thursday (14 August) afternoon after two days of hearing witness statements from four former Jersey care home residents, Giffard Aubin, Violet Renouf, Michael Laing and Malcolm Carver. Mr Carver gave his evidence via video link from Cardiff, a facility available to witnesses around the world who are unable or don’t want to travel to Jersey.
Transcripts and supporting documents from this week’s proceedings will be published on this website in due course.
The Public Hearings will resume at 1000 on Wednesday 3 September with Mr Laing continuing to give his evidence.

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