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8 September 2015

​​​​The latest phase of the Inquiry is to hear evidence about the oversight of Jersey's care homes and fostering services, as well as other establishments run by the States. 

Counsel Patrick Sadd told the Panel it would primarily ​address the Inquiry's third term of reference which calls for an examination of political and other oversight of children's homes and fostering services run the by the States. 

The Inquiry will hear from witnesses who'd served on education as well as health and social services committees, along with two former ministers.

Outlining the evidence heard so far, Mr Sadd said that as well as live witnesses who'd worked in care homes, the Inquiry had considered more than 100 written statements from former staff at care homes or elsewhere in children's services.

At the beginning of the hearing, Inquiry Chair Frances Oldham asked for an update on the disclosure of certain documents from the States. Advocate Lacey said that outstanding Serious Case Reviews requested by the Inquiry in June were being prepared. She said they were delayed because they had not been States' documents. Mrs Oldham said she was concerned to adhere to the Inquiry timetable, but:  "....if we need to recall witnesses, I will have no hesitation in so doing."

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