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10 July 2015

A former trainer with Jersey's Child Protection Committee has been giving evidence to the inquiry today.

Janet Brotherton was appointed in 2002.

She described child protection practice in Jersey as "at least 10 years behind that of the UK" and said this was down to an "absence of systems." The UK was influenced by the 1989 Children Act and the Working Together guidance of the early 90's. Jersey had nothing similar.

Answering questions from Counsel Patrick Sadd, Mrs Brotherton said that the lack of multi agency policies and procedures made it difficult for anyone to challenge poor or inappropriate working practices. Island-wide multi agency policies were eventually adopted in 2011.

Referring to the numerous reports into Jersey's Children's Services over the years, Mrs Brotherton, who left her role in 2012, said she hoped the inquiry would establish why, in her opinion, so few recommendations had been implemented.

Transcripts from the hearing will be uploaded to the website as soon as it's available.

Hearings will resume after a short break to prepare further evidence.

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