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1 July 2015

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Wednesday (1 July) heard evidence from a former member of staff from Children’s Services, who worked at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home, Heathfield and then in the fostering and adoption team.

Mrs Sue Doyle, who previously worked as an auxiliary nurse before moving to Highlands College, told the Panel that she was first approached to work on a temporary basis at Blanche Pierre in 1989 by Brenda Chappell.  Six weeks later she accepted a part-time job – but was already concerned about the way the children were treated by House Parents, Alan and Jane Maguire.  

IJCI Counsel Patrick Sadd took Mrs Doyle through her statement as she described some of the physical and emotional abuse suffered by the children. She explained how she reported it to Children’s Services and eventually the Maguires were asked to leave Blanche Pierre.

In 1991, Mrs Doyle moved to Heathfield and she described events leading to the criminal proceedings against the Maguires in 1997 - and her surprise when the case against them was dropped. She also helped with the subsequent internal investigation into what happened at Blanche Pierre and subsequently with Operation Rectangle.

Since 2001 Mrs Doyle has been working with the fostering and adoption team and explained how the recruitment process had changed to involve more vetting and assessments.

The transcript and supporting documents will be available in due course.

The IJCI has now adjourned for the week and public hearings will resume 1000 on Tuesday 7 July.

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