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17 June 2015

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Wednesday (17 June) heard evidence from two of Jersey’s former child care workers.

Counsel to the Inquiry, Harriet Jerram, took Mrs Marion Robson  through her statement in which she described her time at Haut de la Garenne, La Preference and Family Group Homes, Blanche Pierre and Clos de Sables. She also commented on three allegations against her and spoke about allegations of abuse against her late father and former Superintendent, Jim Thompson, as well as allegations against Tony and Morag Jordan.

The second witness at Day 76 of public hearings, Marilyn Dunford, described coming to Jersey in 1968 to work at Brig-y-Don children's home for 11 months. She also worked at Haut de la Garenne, Norcott Villa and Don Road Family Group Homes and as a Child Care Assistant.  She talked about her various roles and what she saw with regard to allegations of abuse in the homes. Counsel to the Inquiry was Patrick Sadd.

Transcripts and supporting documents will be available in due course.

Public Hearings resume on Friday (19 June) at 0900. Please see the Timetable for details.

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