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16 June 2015

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Tuesday (16 June) heard evidence from a former care worker at Heathfields.

Geoffrey Spencer talked about his training and career in social work on the mainland before joining Heathfields as Principal Officer in 1987. He went on to describe staffing and management arrangements at Heathfields and at a hostel set up to help residents transition to life in the community.  He also commented on events at Le Squez Family Group Home, which he supervised on a temporary basis in 1990. Counsel to the Inquiry was Harriet Jerram.

The Panel then heard evidence from Mr ‘J’, who worked as a teacher at Les Chenes and Greenfield. He responded to various allegations of abuse against him and colleagues from former residents.  Counsel to the Inquiry was Patrick Sadd.

Mr Sadd also took Day 75’s final witness through his evidence about Les Chenes and Greenfield.  Peter Waggott explained how he trained as a teacher and worked in a Newcastle school for about ten years before moving to Jersey and Les Chenes in 1989, and now teaches at Greenfields as required. He described his experience of working practices, daily routines, resources, management and the relationship with Children's Services.

Transcripts and supporting documents will be available in due course.

Public hearings resume tomorrow (Wednesday 17 June) at 1000.​

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