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9 June 2015

The IJCI on Tuesday (9 June) heard evidence from ‘Mr M’, a former employee of Les Chenes between 1982-2002, who subsequently also worked at Greenfields. IJCI Counsel Harriet Jerram took him through his evidence about how the school was run and his responses to six allegations of abuse by former residents.

During the afternoon session the Panel heard evidence from Mr Joe Kennedy who described the systems in place when he worked at La Moye Prison. Led by IJCI Counsel Patrick Sadd, Mr Kennedy also spoke about policy, events, building, staff and resident matters that arose during the time he moved to Les Chenes, later Greenfields, from 2002.  Mr Kennedy was subsequently appointed Head of Service for Residential and Support Services and most recently Manager of the Greenfields Campus in May 2015.

Full transcripts and supporting documents will be available in due course.

Please note the change to the Timetable - public hearings resume 1400 Wednesday (10 June).

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