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20 February 2015

​The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry this morning (Friday 20 February) heard live evidence from the mother of Witness 73 who has already given evidence to the Panel.

Speaking anonymously, “Miss F” talked about how various departments dealt with her son’s problems in various care homes – including Les Chenes and La Preference – during the 2000s. She also outlined what she would like to see done in the future to help children with similar problems. Counsel to the Inquiry was Patrick Sadd.

Four further witness statements and supporting documents regarding Les Chenes were read into the record by Counsel to the Inquiry Paul Livingston.

In a statement to States of Jersey Police in 2009, Witness 629 made a number of allegations of abuse by staff during her time there in the early 2000s.

Witness 627 was sent to Les Chenes for three years when he was 13. He told SOJP about life at Les Chenes and described a number of incidents involving staff and residents.

Witness 630, who had family problems at home, was sent to Les Chenes aged 12 for two years in 2001. In a statement to SOJP he described the routine at Les Chenes and staff as friendly at first but that changed and recalled instances of inappropriate behaviour. Some supporting documents contradicted Witness 630’s recollections.

Witness 628 was also put into care aged 9 because of family problems, initially at La Preference. He was also put into Heathfield (formerly Les Chenes) when he was 11 because his father couldn’t cope. He recalled long periods in isolation cells.

All transcripts and supporting documents will be uploaded on to this website in due course.

Public hearings have adjourned for this week and will resume at 1000 on Wednesday 25 February 2015.

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