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19 February 2015

​The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on Thursday (19 February) heard evidence from five former residents of Les Chenes children’s home.
Counsel to the Inquiry Paul Livingston read in to the record the first four witnesses statements which had been given to the States of Jersey Police and also referenced supporting documents.
Witness 622 was sent to Les Chenes in 1982 under the provisions of a care order and stayed there until he was discharged aged 16, in 1984. He described both good and bad experiences at the home.
The Panel heard evidence from a female resident of Les Chenes for the first time; Witness 621, who lived there in the ‘80s. She described seeing other residents being abused.
Witness 625 was sent to Les Chenes aged 12 in the mid ‘80s and was generally positive about his experience up to his discharge in 1988.
Witness 626 recalled being admitted to Les Chenes in 1984 when she was 14-years-old for being a “problematic child”.  She gave a positive account of her time there, left in 1986 and was finally discharged from care aged 17 in 1988.
Live anonymous witness, “Mr W”, explained how from 2002 he was in and out of various States of Jersey institutions between the ages of 13 and 16. He particularly focussed on his experiences at Les Chenes. Counsel to the Inquiry was Patrick Sadd.
Full transcripts and supporting documents will be published in due course.
The public hearings will resume at 0900 tomorrow with a live anonymous witness giving evidence in relation to Les Chenes. Counsel to the Inquiry will be Patrick Sadd.

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