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22 January 2015

​A witness has told the Inquiry that she was raped on many occasions by the head of Haut de la Garenne, Jim Thomson.

Tina Maguire had volunteered to clean his flat, because she wanted to be useful. He abused her from the first occasion.

Miss Maguire gave her evidence via videolink from Cardiff. She was joined by Harriet Jerram, Counsel to the Inquiry, who asked her if she ever consented to having sex with Thomson. Miss Maguire said she had not.

Asked whether she had told anyone, Miss Maguire said she had no-one to tell.

She was sent to Haut de la Garenne when she was 13 after what she described as an "awful" childhood with her mother and then her aunt.

In addition to the abuse by Thomson, Miss Maguire said she had been drugged at a disco held at the home. She had been given a drink by Morag Jordan. she believes it was a dose of the drug Largactil. She remembered nothing until she came round in the corridor, semi-undressed. She reported feeling "not right" to a male member of staff who laughed at her.

Miss Maguire said two members of staff at HdlG were "kind and caring" and tried to help the children, but she didn't tell them about her treatment for fear they would be "sent packing" by longer-serving members of staff including the Jordans.

Tina Maguire also described how children would "disappear in the night" on a regular basis. Ms Jerram asked her if this was simply a "failure to inform" the residents of where the children had gone. Miss Maguire replied that she thought "there was a bit more to it than that."

Later, Miss Maguire had a period of homelessness. During this time she described how she was raped by a man whose son she had been babysitting. She reported the incident to the police at Rouge Bouillon. Although she was bleeding, she said there were no tests or examination. She said that because she was homeless she was treated as a "vagrant."

One or two days later, Tina Maguire said she made a "life-changing decision" and decided to poison her attacker. She was arrested and, despite repeating her complaint of rape, no action was taken. She later pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was jailed.

Miss Maguire told the Inquiry that she held the States of Jersey responsible for her experiences and those of other children at Haut de la Garenne because they had hired the staff.

Invited to tell the Panel how things should be different, Miss Maguire said that inspections of homes should be unannounced.


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