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21 January 2015

​A witness has said he was told about an alleged paedophile ring in Jersey, the only time this has been mentioned so far in evidence.

The witness, known as 138, had met Jeff le Marquand when he was living rough at age 15. He said Le Marquand, who owned a clothes shop in St Helier and died in 2003, had "seemed part of a paedophile ring".

138 said he was told by Le Marquand that he supplied children from Haut de la Garenne and elsewhere to "well-known people."

Counsel to the Inquiry Paul Livingston told the Panel this had been the only mention of such a ring operating in Jersey that has been heard by the Inquiry.

He presented the accounts of 8 former residents of Haut de la Garenne and said more evidence will be presented in due course about both Les Chenes children's home and La Preference.

Two of the witnesses described abuse by Michael Aubin, who also lived at the home. He later admitted a series of offences against boys.

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