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20 January 2015

​A witness said to have been abused on a daily basis at Haut de la Garenne says he wished more staff had been prosecuted.

Witness 99 was mistreated throughout his time in care.

In a statement presented to the Inquiry, along with his school and care records, Witness 99 said he was frustrated that he wasn't believed and he had wanted to give evidence in court against the staff responsible.

He described children at Haut de la Garenne as "feral as we were left to our own devices."   He added that staff did not nurture them or provide "affection, protection or guidance." Instead that came from the older children.

Whenever he was punished and caned, he made a point of never crying.

Witness 99 said some former residents had been broken by Jersey's care system and remain so. He hopes the Inquiry will result in them receiving support.

Witness 99, who had slept near the detention cells, said his memories of children being dragged there at night still affected his sleep.

He was sent to a foster home when he was 13 where the mistreatment continued.

He frequently ran away and told his mother what was happening. Although she complained repeatedly to his care officer and to senior staff at Haut de la Garenne, Witness 99 was always returned to the care system.

Care records suggest that he had been very attached to his parents and his behaviour had got worse as they visited less often. His school reports also reflect a change in attitude.

Witness 99 said his care officer, Richard Davenport, had never asked him how he was or discussed his time in care.

Describing himself as 'strong', Witness 99 said he had worked hard, with the support of his wife, to put his childhood behind him.

The Inquiry has also heard more about his sister, Witness 98. She was shaken so hard by a member of staff that she was left "petrified" with handprints on her arm.

Medical records show the youngest sibling, 155,  stopped wetting the bed during a stay in hospital. When told she had to return to Haut de la Garenne, she was "inconsolable."

Patrick Sadd told the Panel that the children's mother had been approved as a nanny to look after other people's children, despite her own four being placed in care. One reason offered was that her home was not big enough for them to live with her.

There will be more statements from witnesses tomorrow, starting at 10 am.

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