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15 January 2015

​A witness has described how he and his siblings were victimised by Morag Jordan when they were living at Haut de la Garenne.

Mr K, speaking via a video link from the mainland, said he believed Mrs Jordan "deliberately made our life hell." She was later convicted for a series of assaults against children.

Answering questions from Patrick Sadd, Inquiry Counsel, Mr K said he'd been subjected to years of abuse by Mrs Jordan and her husband Tony as well as other residents at the home.

He told how he was raped by a member of staff who involved two older boys, one of them named as Michael Aubin.

When asked about staff supervision at the home, Mr K said they "wouldn't be about."

The worst abuse took place while he was aged between 10 and 13. After that, he told Mr Sadd, he began to retaliate.

On one occasion he explained how he ran at Mrs Jordan with a fork "to teach her a lesson for what she done to me."

However, her husband was nearby and Mr K was overpowered.

He said that after this incident the abuse became less severe.

Hearings resume tomorrow morning at 9 am.

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