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4 June 2014

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry to hold Public Preview Afternoon


Members of the public will have a chance to look around the offices where the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry will begin hearings this Summer.

The public areas of the Seaton Place offices in St Helier, including the hearing room, will be open for anyone who would like to visit on Monday 9 June, between 13.30 and 15.30.

Members of the Legal Team will be on hand to answer any questions and to explain exactly how the proceedings will run.

Anyone wishing to take photographs on the Preview Day may do so only during the final 15 minutes of the session.

Building work at 11 – 15 Seaton Place is now complete and the facilities are designed to ensure the comfort of witnesses who will be giving evidence. Particular care has been taken to allow those who wish to give evidence anonymously to do so without risk of being identified.

When the hearings get underway, the first expert witness will be Professor Roger Bullock of Bristol University who will provide evidence about Jersey’s care system. The Legal Team are still gathering witness statements and documents and it’s not too late for anyone who wants to give evidence to get in touch.

The latest technology is being used to handle the tens of thousands of documents used during the Inquiry. These will be shown on large screens throughout the hearing centre and then uploaded onto the website.

The Inquiry Chair, Frances Oldham QC, says: "The Panel are looking forward to beginning the public part of the Inquiry and would like to assure everyone that we will work as openly and transparently as possible. We urge anyone who thinks they can contribute to our work to contact us in what is a very safe environment. We will be robust and independent in our approach to uncover the truth about what went wrong in Jersey's child care system over many years."


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